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Motorised Blinds 

Motorised blinds also referred to as automated blinds or ziptrak blinds easy access to control blinds with remote controller where you can adjust your blinds to desired height at a touch. Unique Blinds is our in-house manufactured automated blinds where we have total controlled to use only top quality motors, fabrics, aluminum tubes and other constructive materials. 

Unique blind is an ideal outdoor solution that add usable space in your home through transformation of balcony into a shaded, cozy, comfortable and relaxing area. Our top quality Sheerweave Phifer fabric not only filters sunlight, block rain and harmful UV-rays, it also acts as a barrier against dust and flying insects. All our blinds come with side-track installed enabling it to withstand strong wind and rain.

Our blinds come with 1-to-1 part replacement including motor during warranty period. MC2 - Motorised Blinds Singapore - Motorised blinds, also referred to as automated blinds, are blinds with electric motors that are controlled through an operating system. Motorised blinds are rapidly becoming the top choice among HDB, condo, and landed homeowners, as well as offices and hotels, due to its seamless integration of form, function and convenience.

Standard Blind
unique blind application #1

You can be spoilt by range of fabric in colours and density. 

Unique blind  application #2

Panels can be controlled individually or as group.

Blind-08 1024x768
unique blind application #3

Prevent glaringness of sun-rays and against wet glass.

Blind-Shulter-11 1024x768
Unique blind  application #4

A cozy corner for relaxation with certain degree of privacy.

Blind-Circular-01 1024x768
unique blind application #5

Blinds not limited to square or rectangular shape balcony.

Unique blind  application #6

Outdoor restaurant for customer whom preferred natural air.